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Sex Stories Net has been created to bring you, the horny porn surfer, the best sex stories sites we could find.    Each one of the sites linked here has some really hot stories, and is an above average adult site!

We also have some of the best adult membership site links - all of the sites we link to are the highest quality sites - many of them are owned and operated by the biggest and most successful companies in the adult business.   No fly by night crap, just great sites. 


Here are the feature sites:

Best adult guides (CHECK THEM OUT!)

Teen Sex stories - These are all erotic stories featuring teen participants.  All sort of wild things!

Findpics Stories - More than 25,000 erotic stories linked over here!

Alt Sex Stories - Nice archive of stories, nicely laid out and informative - very hot!

Gay Sex - Men on men sex - Some very hardcore stuff here!

Kinky Stories - A little tied up?    Perhaps  you need some correction?  A spanking?   this is the place!

TABOO STORIES - Over 12,000 of the wildest sex stories around and chat too!

SEX STORIES - Thousands of autoscrolling stories, chat, and more!  HOT NEW SITE!

1819 Teen Stories - Nice list of stories involving teens and some first timers

XXX FUCK STORIES - 50 + sex stories, all topics - very nice clean site.

SEXY TEXT - A small collection of very hot stories

AAA STORIES - Wild wives and wild nights....

SLUT WIFE EROTIC STORIES - sexy tales of affairs and hot family secrets....

STORIES BY THE WARTHOG - The best slut wives sex stories around!

Sex Story Time - ton of stories, slick looking site, easy for get around in

PURE TEASERS - make your own erotic stories happen here!.

GO STORIES - A hot new guide to sex stories - Check it out!

DD CUP - Nice size collection of good reading

00101001 digital erotica - About 50 stories, in 3 sections, easy to surf and the stories are decent!

1 HOT NIGHT - Chance encounters, kinky nights, sharing wives sex stories

PORNTALES - about 50 stories, mostly cheating wives...

FILTHY STORIES - Don't have to look hard to find filthy sex stories!

Wildest Sex Stories - some really hot and wild stories over here!

Erotic Story org - Hot sex stories and so much more!

EROTIC STORIES BY TIST - listing of about 50 stories

XXX SEX STORIES - Simple site with a nice collection of erotic stories.

KINKY STORIES - spanking, poking, prodding, and LEATHER! - 500+ free stories (straight, lesbian and gay)

KOI'S BED AND BREAKFAST - hot sex tutorials, amateur pics, sex fiction

99 EROTIC STORIES - Easiest 99 sex stories to find!

69 Sex stories - Gee, let's see - 69 sex stories, some kinky and trans as well

SERVER 69 - Kinky stories about BSDM, spanking, and more... couple of nice pics too!

WILD SEX STORIES - a decent collection of gang bang, slut wife, and chance encounter stories

TRANSEXUALS SPEAK OUT - small collection of cross dressing she-male tales

The Story Site - Beautiful site filled with a ton of free stories - fast loading site

32AA Sex Stories - almost 100 stories, six sections, very enjoyable stuff

Hot Gay Stories - A new site with some serious attitude!

Live Webcam Sex - have your own sexy adventures!!

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